Layering Crocheted Boho Necklaces

As much as I love layering my necklaces and constantly advise my customers to layer them, I am so bad about remembering to take pictures of them layered. I admit it’s most likely because I really do not like my necklace bust display thingy so I don’t like how my pictures turn out. I definitely need to update it or figure out something else to hang them on.

So for this post I thought I would go through some of my old pictures and see what layered sets I took pics of. I was surprised to find quite a few…guess I was more ‘on it’ back then lol…I’ll just share a few of my favorites with you..

Boho style crocheted necklaces

Beachy boho necklaces

Beachy bohemian crocheted necklaces

Bohemian crocheted necklaces

Pink and gray bohemian crocheted necklace layers


Purple boho crocheted necklace layers


Bohemain crocheted necklace layers


Boho crocheted layered necklace with Plumeria

Most of these have long been sold. But similar can be recreated. The long crocheted necklaces without a pendant..those are bracelet wraps as well as a necklace…usually depending on the size they wrap around your wrist 3 to 5 times. The longer ones can be doubled and worn as a double strand necklace too…so versatile and more for your money!

Have fun mixing and matching your own..check out the different pieces in my shop Jonara Blu Maui







Beachy Boho Jewelry Collection Video on Youtube

Here is a new video I just created of my Crocheted Boho Beachy jewelry 😉

Link to the video:

Jewelry you see is available at:

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