Beachy Boho on Project Accessory

I absolutely LOVE this new show! I am constantly complaining to my husband that every time he gets into something new be it, racing, quads, deer hunting with guns, deer hunting with a bow..etc..there is a show and a man channel that plays it all day long!  I know we have had some crafting shows over the years..but it seems they have come and gone.  Years ago there was that show Craft Corner Deathmatch where the crafters were challenged to make something cool out of very strange materials. I loved that show! But it didn’t last very long. What I’d really love is a jewelry making show…just one please!! Maybe there is one somewhere in the US but not here in Hawaii.

I was super excited when I saw the previews for Project Accessory!  I Love watching Project Runway…I’m no seamtress..but it’s fun to see what kind of challenges they get and what they come up with and once in a while they make a piece of jewelry to go with an outfit.

Project Accessory is a little more up my alley though. Two eppies have shown..and so far the first episode is my favorite. The contestants were given jeans and a white tshirt and told to dress it up by making 3 accessories..a necklace, a belt and an accessory of their choice. The fun part was it was all about upcycling as the contestants were given a large box and set loose in two storage units full of junk and told to get what they needed out of the junk to make their accessories. Talk about inspiring one to think outside of the box! it was amazing to watch them work and see what they came up with. It makes me realize that there are no rules when it comes to making  jewelry!

I really liked Christina Caruso’s work..definitely boho and beachy

Cristina Caruso
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But the girl I was most amazed with what she came up with was Nina Cortes. She won and it was well deserved..she actually made her jump rings out of rat cage wire! It also had wood from a japanese parasol and it looks like she may have gotten small beads from a chandelier that a couple of the other designers used.  Her piece was beautiful and wearable.

Nina Cortes

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Both girls blended something beautiful with something a little more rough..I love the mix of the two elements.

Most of all I really hope this show makes it..seems like everytime I get into a show these days it gets I’m doing my part to advertise this one..go watch it!! You’ll love it!