Layering Crocheted Boho Necklaces

As much as I love layering my necklaces and constantly advise my customers to layer them, I am so bad about remembering to take pictures of them layered. I admit it’s most likely because I really do not like my necklace bust display thingy so I don’t like how my pictures turn out. I definitely need to update it or figure out something else to hang them on.

So for this post I thought I would go through some of my old pictures and see what layered sets I took pics of. I was surprised to find quite a few…guess I was more ‘on it’ back then lol…I’ll just share a few of my favorites with you..

Boho style crocheted necklaces

Beachy boho necklaces

Beachy bohemian crocheted necklaces

Bohemian crocheted necklaces

Pink and gray bohemian crocheted necklace layers


Purple boho crocheted necklace layers


Bohemain crocheted necklace layers


Boho crocheted layered necklace with Plumeria

Most of these have long been sold. But similar can be recreated. The long crocheted necklaces without a pendant..those are bracelet wraps as well as a necklace…usually depending on the size they wrap around your wrist 3 to 5 times. The longer ones can be doubled and worn as a double strand necklace too…so versatile and more for your money!

Have fun mixing and matching your own..check out the different pieces in my shop Jonara Blu Maui






Pantone Color of the Year for 2017

This years Pantone color of the year I have to say makes my heart sing. Being a Maui girl and having just spent 13 months away from home in a state some would think as very ‘green’ (apart from the gorgeous flowers in spring)..Washington state was too dark and drab for me. Coming home to Maui I am once again surrounded by the ‘right’ color of green. It’s amazing how much color can effect ones emotions. I have nothing against dark forest green..I love it..wear it often..but the tropical bright green and turquoise of this beautiful island is what makes me feel like I can breathe and be inspired.

 InStyle magazine suggests this gorgeous color combo for wearing this years Pantone color of the year “Greenery” I have to admit I totally agree with them..the article says: It’s the color of nature, which means by surrounding yourself with it, you’ll feel one with nature—perfect for those who aren’t really the outdoorsy type.“ and I’ll add..for those of us who are!



As a Maui girl this is right up my alley and was an inspiration for this lush tropical bracelet wrap. A super cute 5X wrap that can also be worn as a single or double necklace. Wrap stack and layer with others!


This can be found here in my shop:

Catch up on my Latest Beachy Boho Jewelry

I have fallen off the blog train again…and I guarantee I’m not gonna be able to jump back on just’s the dreaded tax season and I do the bookkeeping for hubby’s business as well as my jewelry I’m buried in receipts at the moment. I did however want to post a couple pics of some of the newer pieces in my shop….links will direct you to my Etsy shop..I also have most of these in my Rubylane shop if you prefer to shop there 🙂

Click on the names to read more about each piece

Olive Green and Brown Boho Beaded Crochet Necklace

Olive Green and Brown Boho Beaded Crochet Necklace

Olive Green Pearl and Tiger Ebony Wood Crocheted Necklace

Olive Green Pearl and Tiger Ebony Wood Crocheted Necklace

Beachy Shell Jewelry Video

Just tried out Stupeflix and made a video with some beachy shell jewelry of mine..I guess the embedding option won’t put the video here on wordpress..not sure changed it to link to the video on stupefix. It’s probably just me not being able to figure it out. if you want to see it here is the link at least:

or maybe this will work better..stupeflix let me post it to youtube and I seem to be able to put youtube vids on here:

It’s free to make a video that last 1 minute..any longer and you have to pay. They only have a few free types of vids to choose from for free..not sure how much more they have if you pay. They had some good island style background music for me to choose from so that was a plus! I love seeing my creations dance to music together in slide shows lol 😉

As always you can find my Beachy Boho Style Jewelry at:

Jonara Blu Maui on Rubylane
Jonara Blu Maui on Etsy

Beachy meets Boho!

The two styles are a marriage made in heaven..or at the beach! Living on Maui I’m constantly inspired by nature and my love for sparkly hippie bling creates a ton of fun making jewelry!

Here are some of my recent favorites…

Maui found shell and chocolate pearl silk cord necklace

Maui Shell and Pearl Silk Cord Necklace


Ocean Blue Beachy Bohemian


Green Pearl and Paua Shell Cord Necklace


Maui Shell Crocheted Necklace

Gray Pearl, Crystal and Mother of Pearl Bohemian Beach Bride Necklace

Gray Pearl, Crystal and Mother of Pearl Bohemian Beach Bride Necklace

Island Girl Turquoise and Green Crocheted Necklace

Island Girl Turquoise and Green Crocheted Necklace

Sandy Beach Boho Double Strand Bracelet

Sandy Beach Boho Double Strand Bracelet

All jewelry you see can be found at:

Jonara Blu Maui